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The Big List of Tax Deductions for Business Owners

We get asked time and time again whether certain expenses are deductible for business purposes, so we thought we'd create a giant list of the most common expenses our clients write off.

While the ability to deduct certain expenses depends on your industry or the specific purpose behind the cost, the items in this list are pretty universal.

We created a pdf you can download, print out, and reference this tax season or as you're contemplating purchasing that training course or coffee for a client.

The Big List of Tax Deductions for Busin
Download • 1.56MB

As always, be sure to consult an accountant if you have questions about specific transactions.

Without further ado, here is our giant list of 75 tax deductions for your business.

  1. Website costs - ex: Squarespace subscription, hosting fees

  2. Website designer fees

  3. E-mail marketing software subscriptions

  4. Ads - Facebook, Google, billboard, newspaper,etc.

  5. Business cards, flyers, other promotional material

  6. Stock photo purchases for your website or social media

  7. Branded swag for your team or clients - pens, mugs, t-shirts, etc.

  8. Event sponsorships

  9. Promoted content on platforms like Facebook or Instagram

  10. Paid promoted listings on Yelp or other search engines

  11. Business use of your home - make sure to read up on the rules & calculations

  12. Business use of vehicle expenses - rules apply here as well

  13. Airfare, train or bus tickets for business travel

  14. Hotels or Airbnb charges for business trips

  15. Transportation while away from home on business - ie. cabs, Uber, public transit

  16. Parking fees when driving to business-related event

  17. Tolls when driving for business purpose

  18. Laundry and dry cleaning while traveling

  19. Tips for service providers at the hotel

  20. 50% of meals while traveling on business

  21. 50% of business meals with clients or customers

  22. 50% of office snacks if provided for your team

  23. 50% of team lunches out if fewer than 50% of employees are present

  24. Food provided at company holiday parties

  25. Dinner for employees working late at the office

  26. Books and magazines related to your industry

  27. Industry conference fees

  28. Office rent, including flexible offices in a coworking space

  29. Office utilities, including water, gas electric, garbage pickup

  30. Internet at the office or on the go - ex: airplane WiFi when traveling on business

  31. Cell phone bill, but only the portion used for business

  32. Office furniture

  33. Office decor (within reason)

  34. Office cleaning fees

  35. Repairs and maintenance for equipment or office

  36. Business equipment rental

  37. Security system and monitoring fees

  38. Local business licenses

  39. Business permitting fees

  40. Professional licensing fees

  41. Training to keep professional licenses current

  42. Trademark or copyright fees

  43. Business formation or renewal fees

  44. PO Box or registered agent fees

  45. Business insurance for your office, general liability, professional liability, etc.

  46. Interest charges on business credit cards or loans

  47. Banking fees

  48. Tax preparation fees

  49. Accounting or bookkeeping fees

  50. Accounting software charges

  51. Lawyer fees - for writing up operating agreement or other legal services

  52. Affiliate commissions paid to influencers

  53. Referral fees you pay to others for referring customers to you

  54. Digital marketing agency fees

  55. SEO consultants or contractors

  56. Business coaching fees

  57. Photographer’s fees for branding shots

  58. Other contractors providing a service for your business

  59. Employee wages

  60. Employer portion of payroll taxes

  61. Employee health insurance - check rules for eligibility

  62. Employee life insurance

  63. Contributions to employee retirement plans

  64. Employee bonuses

  65. Employee dependent care support

  66. Materials costs for handmade or manufactured products

  67. Shipping and postage supplies

  68. Printing and copying fees

  69. Paper, pens, paper clips, staples and other office supplies

  70. Office equipment if under $2,500 - if over the threshold, accounting rules apply

  71. Computers, printers, copiers under $2,500 - if over the threshold, accounting rules apply

  72. Design software subscriptions - ie. Canva, Adobe, etc.

  73. Industry-specific expenses - ie. photography props, recipe ingredients for food blogger

  74. Continuing education in your industry - ex: webinars, courses, training

  75. Memberships to professional associations

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list of all deductions available to you as a business owner. To maximize your deductions, make sure you're storing your receipts (digitally is fine), keeping up with your accounting records, and working with your accountant on your unique business situation. Interested in speaking with us about how we can help? We'd love to chat.

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