The accounting support you need for your growing business.

Every business owner deserves to have a solid financial foundation.

But too often, you're not getting the insights you need. Maybe you've been here:

You have big dreams for your business, but you can't get out from under all the admin work.

There aren't enough hours in a day to get everything done.

You love your work, but you wish you were making more money.

You became your own boss for the lifestyle, but now you're working more than ever.

You think your accountant should be doing more.

What We Give Our Clients



Know your bookkeeping is done, your taxes are handled, your employees are paid, and you have access to your financial position at any time, from any place.



Spend your time on what brings the most value to your business. We affordably take care of the tasks like bill payments and bookkeeping that eat up your time so you can focus on your team and your growth.



When you have a plan, you can live life on your own terms. With our budgeting, tax planning, and business health checks, we help craft the strategy to get your business (and life) where you want them to be. 



We translate your financial data into actions you can take to improve cash flows, increase profitability, and grow sustainably. We don't just hand over useless reports and walk away; we help you make sense of the numbers so you can turn them into results.

Hi! I'm Jillian.

I started Spring because I'm an entrepreneur at heart. I am inspired daily by dreamers and doers like you - and it's a true joy to help you master your finances so you can build the businesses of your dreams.

What makes me qualified? I'm a CPA and have been helping mom-and-pops, startups, and Fortune 500 companies reach new levels of success for over 12 years. 

At Spring, you'll work with an experienced and enthusiastic team that understands your numbers and cares about your goals

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I've been fortunate enough to have worked with Spring Accounting since 2016. If you are looking for an accounting group to help your business I would strongly suggest reaching out to Spring Accounting for a conversation and you'll finish the call with a level of confidence that you have found the right firm.

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5 Biggest Financial Mistakes You Can Make as a Small Business Owner

(Plus what to do about them!)
  • Are you constantly stressed about having enough cash?

  • Are you unsure whether your projects or customers are even profitable?

  • Do you work too much for too little?

  • Do you feel like things are growing a bit out of control?

Our free guide will give you clarity on what might be happening and simple strategies to help you tackle these challenges.

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