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Approachable accounting support for your creative business.

Raise your hand if you became an entrepreneur because you love bookkeeping!

Just me? Cool cool.

But if you're here, you know it's important. And you might be looking for some help.

Have you ever had these thoughts?

  • I wish I could take home more money, but I can't figure out why it's not happening.

  • I really should be paying quarterly tax estimates, but I don't know what I'm doing.

  • I feel like I'm missing out on tax breaks, but I don't have time to research them.

  • I'm pretty sure I'm going to do something that will get me in trouble, but I don't even know what that might be.

Wouldn't it be great if you could just get this finance stuff figured out once and for all, then move forward confidently - knowing it's all handled?

Picture this for a quick sec.

  • Your sales are growing and you know which products and services you should be investing in over the next 6 months.

  • You have enough cash set aside for taxes and getting prepped for your tax return is a total breeze.

  • You really want to hire someone to take on some work, and you know exactly how to figure out what your business can afford.

  • You have a question about whether or not an expense is a tax write-off and, without having to Google the answer, it gets answered and you make the purchase.

  • Your friend said you could save tons on taxes by changing your business to an S Corp, but it sounds complicated so you run it by a CPA that day.

  • You never miss a business license renewal, sales tax return, or tax filing deadline ever again.

All of this is possible when you have on-demand access to a finance expert (me!) in our brand new community for creatives. In Spring Collective, you'll be surrounded my like-minded entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses the RIGHT way.


Hi! I'm Jillian,

a fellow entrepreneur and wearer of all the hats. I 100% understand the difficulty of building a business and having to learn all the skills that don't come naturally to me (looking at you, sales)!

In the course of working with startups, Fortune 500 finance departments, and all sizes of companies in between, I've met so many creative business owners who don't want or need to fully outsource their finances, but who need help along the way.

That's why I created this community - to give you CPA-level support to grow your business - without breaking the bank.

So, what exactly is
Spring Collective?

Good question. But you know what? Let's start with what it's NOT.

This community is definitely not:

A "program" or a course. Sure, you'll get video lessons and templates as part of your membership, but you won't get sold big promises only to be handed off to 8 modules of overwhelming content you'll never want to finish.

One-size-fits-all, "it depends" advice that leaves you even more confused than when you started. In Spring Collective, you'll get answers to your actual questions about your actual business.


Ready to see what's included?

I thought you'd never ask! 

Your Spring Collective membership unlocks access to:

Monthly Q&A calls with me, where you get access to a real live CPA without the $350/hr price tag

A forum for all your finance and business questions, packed with other creative business owners and their insights

Video lessons on topics ranging from starting your business successfully to how to save on taxes

Custom reminders to renew business licenses, file taxes, and other unique-to-you tasks

Opportunities to network with other creatives, share your offer, and generate referrals

Bookkeeping happy hours for us to sit down and get our books done every month at the same time together - you get accountability AND support from a bookkeeping expert

Budget and forecasting templates, home office expense calculators, and more - plus easy instructions on how to use them!

Access to paid Strategy Sessions with me, which are exclusively available to members and my current clients

Coaches, consultants, artists, photographers, makers, designers - you're my people!

Creative work

This community is right for you if... 

  • You or someone on your team is managing your bookkeeping, but you have questions along the way

  • You don't feel financially ready to fully outsource your accounting

  • You want to make sure you're not missing anything with your books, your taxes, and your budget

  • You have a tax preparer (or not), but they don't help you throughout the year

  • You've looked into hiring more accounting help but it's so expensive

  • You are passionate about bookkeeping and you just can't get enough! ...... Nah, just had to make sure you were still reading :)

  • But maybe you're ready to stop trying to figure it all out yourself

Are you ready for accountability and support so you can run your business without worrying about the finances?

Pick your plan:


Now for a few details you might be interested in.



What is Founder's Pricing?

What is a Strategy Session?

What is the Tax Concierge service?

Will you do my taxes for me?

What does a bookkeeping review include?

Can't you just do my bookkeeping for me?

What size should my business be before joining the community?

This community is new and I'm consistently adding to the content and resources you'll have access to. I wanted to give founding members a screaming deal to get in early, lock in low pricing, and help shape the content and community in the future. Prices will increase by $20/month in January 2023.

A Strategy Session is 50 minutes of digging into your business finances and getting everything out of your head and into actionable goals. Have questions you want to talk through? Great. Want to spend the time creating a budget or seeing what a price change might mean for your bottom line? We can do that too. You'll also get follow-up with action items, a recording of the call, and explanations for any tricky concepts we cover.

Tax filings aren't my bread and butter, but I do rub shoulders with some of the best tax preparers out there. I also know that finding a good tax accountant is tough (if you're even able to find one who is taking new clients!) With our Tax Concierge service, I'll find you someone to do your taxes, get you a quote, gather your info, and pass it all along to the tax preparer. You just provide the necessary info and sign your return! 

I'd love to help every single one of you with your taxes, but the physical preparation of the tax forms just isn't what I'm best at. I do partner with plenty of tax preparers who ARE the best at what they do. Ask me about my Tax Concierge service above and we can get you squared away!

I'll pop into your accounting software once each quarter or at the end of the year and I'll look for trends, issues, errors, and wins. If I find an easily fixable error, I'll record myself making the fix so you'll know what to do going forward. The video will also show me walking through your financial reports, explaining which numbers matter and why. If you know you should be looking at your Profit & Loss statement, but it sounds intimidating, I'll tell you what you should be caring about and how that can drive good decision-making in the future.

Sure! I work with lots of small businesses to take care of their bookkeeping, payroll, bill payments, customer invoicing, and more. You can get more information by checking out my suite of services or fill out this quick form to see if we might be a good fit to work together.

The beauty of this community is that it's a perfect place to start for brand new businesses with tight budgets and no foundation in place - and it will grow with you as your bookkeeping and tax questions get more complex. If you have a large team, high transaction volume where you have trouble staying on top of your books, or complex accounting needs, it might be time to consider done-for-you services, like my bookkeeping packages.

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